“There are two different types of photographers: people that take photographs, and people that make them”.     

                                              - Ansel Adams 

In Italian, “e amato” means “is loved.” Stephanie has dedicated her life to the love of the arts in all of its forms.  As a college student at Riverside City College she dappled in print making, drawing, and painting; with each form of art, she truly finds a piece of it to love and can always produce pieces that others love and admire.  Her love of art led her to getting a Bachelor's of Fine Art at Cal Poly Pomona, where her love of digital art, especially fonts came to life.  However, her true love is photography. 


Her love of photography was first ignited when she took an analogue art class, but it wasn't until her boys were little and she wanted to capture each moment of their lives that photography turned into her passion.  Many of her most ardent fans say that she takes the most boring or normal of moments and with her camera she finds the extraordinary in them. Stephanie possesses the innate ability to turn any moment or subject, whether that is plastic forks in a jar, gumballs, or the petals of a flower into a loved and admired work of fine art. Her documentary photography also captures the little moments that most would ignore, her photographs capture the essence and emotions of even the most common of scenes. It is inevitable that her work will soon be loved by the Art World on a much larger scale and Stephanie dreams of one day traveling the world as a renowned photojournalist or street photographer. Until then Stephanie's work is loved by her wife, their three children and the fans that stumble across her work on Instagram.

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2022 - International Photography Awards - 

            Honorable Mention

2022 - International Photography Awards - 

            One Shot Photo  Contest Color;  top 5  Jury Selection

2022 - Photos published in the Daily Bulletin

2022 - Series published in Dodho magazine - online

2021 - Two photography shows at local coffee bar
2016 - 2D 3D Poly Kroma Juried Show - 3rd place
2016 - International Spider Awards - Honorable Mention

2014 - Adobe Design Achievement Awards - semi finalist

2012 to present - AgeFotostock, stock photographer



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