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Care Closet LBC

16 TONS and 34 TRUCKLOADS is how much weight in trash and how many truckloads it took for  Care Closet LBC to remove the mess from a home  in Long Beach that had been taken over by squatters. who refused to leave.  The city of Long Beach had so many calls from neighbors about this trash infested home that had caught on fire twice,  that they had to do something, and that is where Care Closet LBC stepped in. A non profit organization in Long Beach, run by residents of Long Beach with volunteers who are homeless or live in shelters in Long Beach, Care Closet LBC is a full circle program designed to help get homeless off the streets by allowing anyone who wants to volunteer to clean up messes in the city to earn gift cards of money.  Hard workers earn the chance to get hired by the city of Long Beach and make positive steps towards self sufficiency and a better life. This is just one story  of clean-up job about Care  Closet LBC. They do so much more from deliver truck loads of food to food banks, give sleeping bags to those who need them and help supply clothes to those without. This is the beginning of one story with more stories of this amazing non profit and the people who volunteer there, to come. 

Before and In Progress Photos... 

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